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6 Small Changes You Can Make To Live a More Eco-Friendly Life

With each passing day, more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious. They are ready to make changes in their life that are causing a problem for nature. The Brisbane government has taken many initiatives to make sure that things do not get worse from here. People are also taking the pledge to protect the environment in whatsoever ways they can, but the question is where to start. We do understand the significance of nature, but there is still a lack of awareness about the ways to achieve it. I am here to share some tips that will help you to live a more eco-friendly life. Let’s have a look:

1. Avoid Commercial Cleaning Products

Cleaning the house is an unavoidable task, but we always have a choice to make it more environment-friendly. People love to use commercial cleaning products, but they neglect the fact that most of these products have harmful chemicals. When you use these products, they release a toxic substance into the indoor air. This not only pollutes the environment but also affect your health. So, instead of purchasing them, use natural products like baking soda, vinegar, lemon, etc. These cleaning agents are quite useful and entirely safe for the environment as well as your health.

2. Gift or Donate Unwanted Items

People purchase several things that lose their importance with time. After a few years, things like books, magazines, clothes, shoes, small appliances, electronics and other similar items become useless for you. People discard them without even thinking that they increase the land waste and pollute the environment. Thus, environmentalists in Brisbane advice that instead of disposing of them, gift them to your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbours or donate them to some NGO in Brisbane. This way, there will be no wastage at all.

3. Save Electricity

The use of electricity is directly linked to the environment pollution. How? The less electricity you will use, the less energy will need to produce. And this means fewer carbon footprints! Thus, when you are moving to a new house, it is advisable to make it a little eco-friendly. You can install solar panels, use energy-efficient lightbulbs, and even insulate your new home. Apart from these methods, there are many more ways to make your move sustainable & eco-friendly. And the best thing about these methods is that they not only protect the environment but also allow you to save some money.

4. Stop Using Plastic Water Bottles

According to a study, Australia can recycle only 36% of plastic bottles it produces annually. It means every year, more than 370 million plastic bottles end up as waste. Thus, you need to stop using any plastic bottles – be it water, soft drinks or juice. The best ways to deal with this problem is to carry your own water bottle every time you go out somewhere. Visit the website of the Australian government to know about their policies on plastics and packaging. This problem has become a matter of grave concern across the world. So, every individual needs to make efforts to solve this problem.

5. Avoid Driving As Much As Possible

Technology has changed our life but let’s agree that it has made us lazy and dependable! Perhaps one the best example to justify this statement would be our vehicles. It may have become a necessity, but not all the time. Even if we have to travel a short distance like a supermarket or bank, which is hardly a few kilometres away, we prefer the comfort of our car. However, we never think about how much it is contributing to the pollution. So, it is advisable to walk and use the cycle as much as possible. And when you are going to your workplace, try public transport or at least carpool.

6. Go Paperless

Although the utility of the paper has reduced a lot in the last 10 to 15 years, still there are many areas where we need to work so that we can go paperless. You can sign up for E-statements, pay bills online, digitalise your documents, use a tablet or cell phone for notes, digitalise your signature, read online newspapers and e-books, and so on. These initiates will help a lot to reduce the use of papers in the home.

The Bottom Line

You might not have realised but following eco-friendly methods are now easier than ever. A few adjustments in your lifestyle will help you to achieve your goal without getting stressed out. Follow the points mentioned above and live a more eco-friendly life.