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Hawkesbury River Ferries make yacht trips enjoyable yet adventurous. Pick any one from a stock of seven marvelous yachts. Cruises are equipped with all modern day facilities. However, luxury on the boat depends on the budget. Home Cruise offer complete homely feeling as you can enjoy television, music system and FM radio. Yacht makes you take pleasure in revisiting your life. On the other side, you can experience the adventure of water sports. We offer safe water sports activities on the yacht trips. Come to Sydney and give us an opportunity to offer you the best yacht services in the city. We provide the most exciting water sports facility on the boat.

  • Enjoy fishing while travelling through the sea.
  • Enjoy sailing
  • Experience Jet Ski and Ski boat
  • Whale Watch
  • Scuba Diving

We provide an expert for your help in sea-diving. Also, we have a quick learning chart on the boats to help you understand the focus areas while going down under. Jet Ski and Ski boats are offered by us separately also. You need to hire a yacht for enjoying these water sports.

Enjoy fishing while sailing through the sea. Yachts available with us offer high-quality fishing ropes. This fun-filled activity is liked by all age groups.

Sail in the deep blue ocean in the evenings and cherish this experience throughout the lifetime.

Jet Ski/Ski Boats is other water sport included in the yacht package. Enjoy the trilling escapade of flying with water.

Whale watching attracts tourist the most. Thus, we offer whale watching activity on the yacht. Whales are one of the beautiful creations of God

Whales enjoy the interaction with humans. Thus, try to come close to us. Quite engine running mechanism of our yachts attracts whales towards us. This is when you can get close to the most beautiful creator of water.

Scuba Diving is also on board with us. Get a glimpse of the world of ocean. We offer scuba diving from our yacht. Take a swoop deep inside the sea from the yacht and discover the impressive aquatic life.

Go on a yacht trip this vacation and relish the fresh air and authentic seafood on the go. All the activities we allow are carried out under expert supervision. You can also relive the magic of scuba diving without hiring a yacht. Simply contact us on the Coffs Harbour and get the incredible deal of water adventure in Sydney.